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​​Dance floors 

ADS offer two kinds of dance floors one being a wooden parquet dance floor & the second being a black & white checkered dancefloor

Diesel heaters

ADS offer 2 models of diesel heaters we stock ec22 and ec 55 both come complete with ducting and both have thermostatic control to keep your marquee warm

 3 kw Heaters

The elegant Helios electric heater technology is able to create 3000w of direct heat with a radius of up to 5m. The Helios Technoheater not only looks great, but it also practical, and is ideal for inside marquees.

3kw blow heater


banqueting chairs

folding Samsonite (white & blue)

please enquire for other options


6ft trestle

5ft & 6ft round

please enquire for other options